August 9, 2016

What Is Footgolf And Who Can Play Footgolf?

If you still don’t have any clue as to what footgolf is all about, then don’t worry, as we will clear all your doubts and confusions regarding footgolf. Footgolf is a new sport that combines the playing techniques of football as well as golf. This sport is widely getting popular among people of all ages.

Footgolf is nothing but golf played with a football. Most of its rules and regulations are similar to golf. Footgolf requires you to kick a ball in a hole with as few kicks as possible. It’s just that the ball is bigger, and the holes are larger with shorter lengths. Footgolf is suitable for every age group, whether children, adults, or middle aged people. Unlike golf, which is mostly enjoyed by older people and football, in which only young people take interest, footgolf is enjoyed by everyone.

The dress of footgolf is similar to golf, apart from the shoes and socks. You cannot wear the hard football studs that can easily damage the grass of the fairway. Socks should be knee high or ankle length with argyle fibre. Since a football travels less distance as compared to a golf ball, the holes are placed much closer or are shorter in length.

Moreover, footgolf lets you try both football and golf in just one sport. It makes golf more approachable with shorter rounds, less time and effort. Footgolf also does not need any equipment and is much more economical, unlike golf and football.

Don’t worry if you have not played either golf or football before, as footgolf is easy to learn with its simple rules and regulations. Even if you are good at football or golf, then also it will not make you a good footgolfer. An amateur, who doesn’t have any experience or training in either of the sports, can also play footgolf. When talking about who would be a better footgolfer, we would say that footballers who also have experience of playing golf would have an edge over other players.

Why not tie your laces and get ready to try your hand at this brand new sport of footgolf? Play just for fun or to win the game, either ways we guarantee you will enjoy this sport, as it is full of freshness, novelty, inclusiveness and amusement.