August 4, 2016

What Makes A Good Footgolf Course?

Footgolf is an incredibly family friendly sport, which is fun to play and easy to learn. People of all age groups and skills can pitch in and enjoy the game. To fully enjoy the game, it is important to choose a good footgolf course. Here are some tips to help you out.

UK Footgolf Accreditation

A footgolf club that has due accreditation with UK Footgolf is a good choice as it would adhere to the standards set for the game. From the way the greens are prepared to the holes, everything would be according to the guidelines ensuring your game is smooth and entertaining. These types of footgolf courses combine proper preparation with adequate enforcement of rules, as well as helping youngsters, families and teams to fully enjoy the sport.

An Integrated Footgolf Course

For a challenging game, choose a footgolf course that is part of a golf course. This way footgolfers have to navigate the same obstacles that golfers are faced with such as tee off, greens, 18 holes and hazards like water, trees etc. And remember, just as there are different clubs used by traditional golf players, footgolfers need to use different kicking moves and foot surfaces to make their shot. For instance, the drives in footgolf involve using the foot top just like a football kick, while instep is used for accurate and shorter kicks. The sole in rolling action is used for better accuracy and control.


Finding a good footgolf course depends on your location and how far you want to travel to play a game. If you cannot find a good footgolf course in your vicinity then consider planning a footgolf break. If you want to spend only a limited amount of time at the course, choosing a 9-hole foot golf course is best. But most often courses with 9 holes also feature 18 holes. With a 9 hole golf course it takes about one to one and a half hours to play, while it takes two and a half hours to play in a 18-hole course.


Footgolf courses range in difficulty. For beginners, wide fairways are recommended than those with water hazards, where the ball can land easily and there aren’t many difficulties to hamper your play. 

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