Covid-19 – Stay Safe on the Course

How to Stay Safe on the Footgolf Course The Government announced on Sunday that golf and therefore Footgolf courses could open to the public from 13th May 2020. It is important that all courses ensure that they open in a safe way, that takes responsibility for both Footgolfers and their staff members. We provide the  [...]

Coronavirus advice for Footgolfers

Update: 23rd March 2020 In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Government has asked for everyone to stay in doors and all courses to close. 19th March 2020 There is no specific advice for Footgolfers regarding the Coronavirus BUT England Golf has issued an statement and it is felt that because Footgolf is often  [...]

Why Footgolf is an Ideal Team Building Activity

Corporate Team Building with Footgolf We can hear the groans at Footgolf Frenzy HQ about your organisation’s latest team building activity: please no more sprained ankles and bruises from paintballing; please no more monotonous training courses where the lunch is the highlight; please no more jollies at the casino when gambling really isn’t your thing.  [...]

Why You Should Review Your Footgolf Experience

Review Your Footgolf Experience Everyone welcomes innovative and revolutionary ideas. Footgolf with its amazing mix of football and golf is a perfect game to try out for enthusiasts of the two sports and others too. The game is celebrated as an evolutionary sport and one of the best games ever to be invented, by its  [...]

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