Footgolf England

England Footgolf Course Golf ClubEngland is a Footgolfer’s paradise, with a huge range of options for one-off games and Footgolf breaks. Here you can enjoy a game near to city centres such as London, Birmingham and Manchester. At the other extreme, Footgolf in England can be found at seaside resorts or tucked away in beautiful countryside retreats.

Why play Footgolf in England?

There are a few arguments about where Footgolf really started, but there’s no doubting that England has been a big name on the Footgolf scene since the early days. With a land dotted with fabulous golf courses, it’s no surprise that Footgolf has easily made its home here. However, what we’re increasingly finding are dedicated Footgolf courses springing up across the country. These Footgolf courses in England are ideal for a one-off event with friends and family, or to make up a complete Footgolf holiday.

Where to play Footgolf in England?

It’s pretty tricky to single out just a few options for playing Footgolf in England – you really are spoilt for choice here.

Our Recommended Courses

West Park Footgolf ChelmsfordWest Park (Chelmsford) Footgolf, Essex

Another addition to the Essex Footgolf scene is West Park Footgolf which can be found in Chelmsford. This course is just half a mile from the town’s railway station, making this course easily accessible. West Park Footgolf is an informal setting where you can wear what you like and simply take your time getting to know the brilliant sport of Footgolf.

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Tudor Park Footgolf Barnet London Courses FootgolfersTudor Park (Barnet) Footgolf, London

Tudor Park (Barnet) Footgolf in Greater London is a highly convenient Footgolf course situated just 0.8 miles from New Barnet Rail Station. The course is an interesting 1,737 yards and can be played over 18 holes. The style of the course is parkland with the associated natural challenges and obstacles, such as undulations and various trees of different species.

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The Notleys Golf Club Footgolf Course Braintree EssexThe Notleys Footgolf, Essex

The Notleys Footgolf course is built on a significantly modified and lengthened Pitch and Putt Course in Braintree, Essex, Footgolfers are given the opportunity of an interesting 18 hole game of Footgolf at The Notleys Golf Club.

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