Playing Footgolf This Easter

Family Activities at Easter Why You Should Get the Family Out On the Course Spring has sprung, the daffodils are waving a cheery hello, there are lambs in the field, and Easter is just around the corner. At a time of year when the sun is starting to remind us of its existence, and many  [...]

Why Footgolf is a Family Sport

Footgolf for Families Footgolf has become a big craze in the UK. Many people have claimed that Footgolf is a family sport and here are the reasons why… Ease of play Footgolf doesn’t take as much time as the traditional golf game. The time taken is about two hours (for 18 holes), whereas a conventional  [...]

Want to learn more about Footgolf? Here is Part 2 of our introduction to Footgolf. In this part, we look at the rules of the game. Rules of the game of Footgolf Footgolf Clothing All players must wear the appropriate golf apparel. The perfect attire for footgolf includes a collared shirt, flat cap, Argyle socks  [...]

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