A-Z Footgolf Course Directory

The following page highlights a list of all the courses that we currently have listed on the website.


Abbey Hill Footgolf
Abbey View Footgolf
Aberdeen Footgolf
Addington Court Footgolf
Adlington Footgolf
Aintree Footgolf
Ansty Footgolf
Arrowe Park Footgolf
Ashton Court Footgolf


Ballers and Hackers Footgolf
Banbury Footgolf
Barrow Footgolf
Beckenham FootGolf
Belfast (Mount Ober) Footgolf
Belhus Park FootGolf
Bentham Footgolf
Birchwood Park Footgolf
Blacknest Footgolf
Blackpool Footgolf
Boughton Footgolf
Bovey Tracey Footgolf
Bowring Park Footgolf
Bramcote Footgolf
Brampton Heath Footgolf
Brechin Footgolf
Brickhampton Court Footgolf
Bridgend Footgolf
Brighton Footgolf
Broadlees Footgolf
Bromley Footgolf
Bromsgrove Footgolf
Broxbourne Footgolf
Burnley Footgolf


Caerleon Golf Club Footgolf
Calverley Footgolf
Cambridge Footgolf
Camp Hill Adventure Park Footgolf
Cannock Footgolf
Cardiff Castell Coch Footgolf
Cardiff Footgolf
Carlisle Footgolf
Castle Douglas Footgolf
Cavendish Footgolf
Cayman Footgolf
Cheadle Footgolf
Chester Footgolf
Chichester Footgolf
Clays Footgolf
Cobtree Manor Park Footgolf
Cocks Moor Woods Footgolf
Colchester Footgolf
Cold Ashby Footgolf
Colmworth Footgolf
Corinthians Footgolf
Cornwall Football Golf
Craggan Footgolf
Crane Valley Footgolf
Cumbernauld Footgolf


Delapre Footgolf
Dibden Footgolf
Dryffyn Clwyd Footgolf


Eagles Footgolf
Eaton Park Footgolf
Edinburgh Park Footgolf
Edwalton Footgolf
Egham Footgolf
Elsenham Footgolf
Etchinghill Footgolf
Euxton Park Footgolf
Exeter – Footgolf on the Exe


Filey Pitch ‘n’ Putt Footgolf
Folkestone Footgolf
Footgolf at Foregolf (Chester)
Footgolf at Torphins
Footgolf at Ballyclare
Footgolf Huddersfield
Forest Hills Footgolf
Footgolf Stone
Formby Footgolf
Foyle Footgolf
Fynn Valley Footgolf


Gatwick Footgolf
Gaudet Luce Footgolf
Gnoll Country Park Footgolf
Goal in One Footgolf Centre
Grange Park Footgolf
Great Hadham Footgolf
Green Park Footgolf
Grimsby Footgolf


Haigh Hall FootGolf
Halfpenny Green Footgolf
Hanger Lane (Ealing West) Footgolf
Harborne Footgolf
Haughton Hall Footgolf
Henley-in-Arden Footgolf
Hereford Footgolf
Heythrop Park FootGolf
High Elms Footgolf
High Lodge Footgolf
Hilton Park Footgolf
Hinksey Heights Footgolf
Hoebridge Footgolf
Horsehay Footgolf
Horsenden Hill Footgolf
Horton Park Footgolf
Huddersfield Footgolf
Humberstone (Leicester) Footgolf
Hunstanton Footgolf


Isle of Purbeck Footgolf


Killiow Footgolf
Kilmarnock Footgolf
King’s Lynn Footgolf
Kings Parade Footgolf
Kingsway Footgolf
Knights Grange Footgolf
Knotty Hill Footgolf


Lane End Conference Centre Footgolf
Leam Valley Footgolf
Lee Valley Footgolf
Leeds Footgolf
Leen Valley Footgolf
Little Hay Footgolf
Llangefni Footgolf
Llyn Footgolf
Loch Ness Footgolf
Lordsworth School Footgolf
Lost Jungle (London) Footgolf


Magnolia Park Footgolf
Manchester Footgolf
Markeaton Footgolf
Marland Footgolf
Mid Sussex Footgolf
Merthyr Tydfil Footgolf
Millers Barn Footgolf
Monkton Park Footgolf
Moors Valley Footgolf
Morpeth Footgolf
Mousehold Heath Footgolf
Muckhart Footgolf
Mytton Fold Footgolf


Newark Footgolf
Newcastle Footgolf
Newquay Football Golf
Nine of Herts Footgolf
North Inch Footgolf
North Wales Footgolf
North Wealds Footgolf
Notts Footgolf Academy


Oakmere Park Footgolf
Oldham Footgolf
Orpington Footgolf


Padbrook Park Footgolf
Palewell Common Footgolf
Panshanger Footgolf
Paultons Footgolf
Pennington Flash Footgolf
Penrith Footgolf
Perton Park Footgolf
Petersfield Footgolf
Pewit Footgolf
Pingles Footgolf
Plymouth Footgolf
Preston Footgolf
Prestwich Footgolf
Princes Park Footgolf
Priors Hall Footgolf


Ravenmeadow Footgolf
Redhill Footgolf
Regent Park Footgolf
Rhondda Footgolf
Richings Park Footgolf
Rickmansworth Footgolf
Riverside Footgolf
Romford (Golf Kingdom) Footgolf
Roodlea Footgolf
Rookery Park Footgolf
Rookwood Footgolf
Roseberry Grange Footgolf
Rother Valley Footgolf
Rutland Footgolf
Rustington Footgolf


Sapey Footgolf
Scarborough Footgolf
“> Scarborough Adventure Footgolf
Scarborough Footgolf
Sewerby Footgolf
Shobnall Footgolf
Silecroft Footgolf
Silver Birch Footgolf
Snainton Footgolf
Solihull Footgolf
South Essex Footgolf
South Petersfield Footgolf
South Leeds Footgolf
St Cleres Hall Footgolf
St Mary’s Footgolf
Stanmore and Edgware Footgolf
Stansted Footgolf
Stapleford Abbotts Footgolf
Stevenage Footgolf
Stockwood Park Footgolf
Stokesley Footgolf
Stonham Barns Footgolf
Storws Wen Footgolf
Styal Footgolf
Sunbury Footgolf
Sutton Park Footgolf
Swansea Footgolf
Swindon Footgolf
Sysonby Acres Footgolf


Tapton Park Footgolf
Tea Green Footgolf
The Bristol Footgolf
The Camp Hill Estate Footgolf
The Elms Footgolf
The Golf Centre, Coalville Footgolf
The Hampshire Footgolf
The Notleys Footgolf
The Shropshire Footgolf
The Strand Footgolf
Tickenham Footgolf
Tilgate Forest Footgolf
Tonbridge Footgolf
Top Golf Addlestone Footgolf
Tudor Park Footgolf

Two Riversmeet Leisure Centre Footgolf


Upchurch River Valley Footgolf


Vivary Footgolf


Waldergraves Footgolf
Warren Footgolf
Waterhall Footgolf
Watford Footgolf
Wavendon Footgolf
West Park Footgolf
Weston-Super-Mare Footgolf
Wexham Park Footgolf
Whitefield Footgolf
Whitley Bay Footgolf
Whitwood Footgolf
Willow Valley Footgolf
Windmill Footgolf
Wokingham Family Golf Footgolf
Woodside Footgolf

Worldham Footgolf


York Golf Range Footgolf
York Footgolf
Yorkshire Footgolf