Why Footgolf is a Sport for All

We are passionate about Footgolf and we want to ensure that everyone knows that Footgolf is a sport for all. Footgolf is fast, fun, adventurous and a social activity to all people to take part in. The relaxed atmosphere that accompanies the sport makes it ideal for children to the older generation. Let us tell  [...]

How to Play More Footgolf in 2018

Play More Footgolf Footgolf quickly finds its way in to your heart, but trying to find the time, and funds, for your new favourite sport can be a tall order. Getting the opportunities to improve and tackle new courses is exciting, but how do you make it happen? Here’s the Footgolf Frenzy Guide to how  [...]

What is Footgolf? Video

Footgolf Video – What is Footgolf and who are Footgolf Frenzy Want to know what Footgolf is? Why not watch our video and find out more! Video Transcript What is Footgolf? It’s a combination of two of the world’s favourite sports… Football and Golf! Why play Footgolf? 1. Footgolf is Fun 2. Footgolf is an  [...]

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