August 26, 2016

The First-Timers Guide To Footgolf

Footgolf is a sport widely popular among people of all age groups. If it’s the first time that you are heading to the course for a game of Footgolf, then take a look at our first-timers guide that will help novice footgolfers.

Footgolf Dress

Make sure that you wear proper Footgolf attire. The dress of Footgolf is very similar to golf, just with minor changes. It consists of a golf cap, collared t-shirt, knee high argyle socks and trainers. You can either go for full length pants or knee length shorts. We advise you to wear knee length shorts as it will help you to move freely with flexible leg movements. Also, don’t wear football boots since they are hard on the grass and can damage the fairway. Don’t forget to check the dress code of the club that you are heading to.

Footgolf Ball

You need to play with a size 5 football.  You can either buy your own football or hire one. We recommend that you hire a football, as with a hired ball you will not have to worry about losing or puncturing it. Moreover, when you’ll accidentally kick your ball in a water hazard or out of bounds, a hired ball will save your time as you will be quickly provided with a new one.

Take a towel

You will require a towel to wipe your ball as well as your hands. Footballs are more likely to pick up dirt, dew and grass on the fairway. So, a towel comes in handy for cleaning your ball, especially if you are planning to play in the early morning. In between different holes, a towel can dry your ball, resulting in good kicks and avoiding slipperiness.

Sunglasses and sun block

Don’t forget to carry your sunglasses with you incase the sun gets in your eyes. And apply sunscreen lotion and carry it with you when you leave your home. This will prevent you from worrying about getting sunburnt.


It’s your first time with this sport and you definitely will want to capture it in images and remember the moment.

And most importantly…. have fun! Relax and play like a pro!