Footgolf Gift Vouchers

Why Footgolf Gift Vouchers are the ideal present If you’re looking for a Christmas present with a difference then why not consider buying a Footgolf gift voucher? Footgolf is still in its infancy as a sport but the explosion of courses popping up all over the UK coupled with the enthusiastic response received from players,  [...]

Want to learn more about Footgolf? Here is Part 2 of our introduction to Footgolf. In this part, we look at the rules of the game. Rules of the game of Footgolf Footgolf Clothing All players must wear the appropriate golf apparel. The perfect attire for footgolf includes a collared shirt, flat cap, Argyle socks  [...]

An Introduction to Footgolf – Part 1

Footgolf – is it football or golf? Are you confused a bit? Hmm. Footgolf is a new addition to the sporting fraternity. This game has surprised sports lovers because it is a combination of two major sports, football and golf. However, you must not get confused because it does not include either sport in its  [...]