September 14, 2015

An Introduction to Footgolf – Part 1

Footgolf – is it football or golf? Are you confused a bit? Hmm. Footgolf is a new addition to the sporting fraternity. This game has surprised sports lovers because it is a combination of two major sports, football and golf. However, you must not get confused because it does not include either sport in its entirety. Players enjoy this fun game by kicking the football but not into a goal. Instead, the ball lands into a cup, (usually with a diameter of 21 inches). The main objective of the game is to land the ball into the cup with minimum number of kicks.

The History of Footgolf

The original birthplace of footgolf remains a secret. However, there is history of it being played in several countries across the world from 2006. In 2008, Bas Korsten and Michael Jansen organised the first tournament of this nine-hole sport in the city of the Netherlands. The participants comprised of Belgian as well as Dutch professional football players. Michael Jansen honed the skills of a perfect footgolfer from William Korsten. William is a former member of Tottenham Hotspur. He acquired this skill when he used to kick the football, at the end of a training session, straight from the football pitch into the dressing rooms of the players!

What is Footgolf?

Footgolf replicates a model similar to golf, with the inclusion of tee boxes, a fairway, bunkers, obstacles as well as 9 or 18 holes. Every hole is accompanied with a score, much similar to the scorecard used in golf. The scores can be recorded as a pair, group of three and group of four. The distinctive features of footgolf are the diameter of cups, smaller holes and less golf equipment. The equipment for footgolf requires a regular football (usually size 5). You either purchase the ball or hire it on rent.

How is it different from Golf?

There are minor differences in the attire used by players in footgolf. Many footgolf players wear a polo neck shirt and shorts. Along with it, they can wear patterned socks, up to their knee height and a flat cap on their head. Unlike football, footgolf players are not allowed to wear football studs.