September 18, 2015

An Introduction to Footgolf – Part 2

Want to learn more about Footgolf? Here is Part 2 of our introduction to Footgolf. In this part, we look at the rules of the game.

Rules of the game of Footgolf

Footgolf Clothing

All players must wear the appropriate golf apparel. The perfect attire for footgolf includes a collared shirt, flat cap, Argyle socks up to knee height, golf shorts or pants, and turf football shoes

The Footgolf Ball

The ball used in footgolf must be easily identifiable.

Scorecard And Play

You must check the scorecard and review it properly. You must ensure that the kick should not disrupt other players’ game.

Number Of Moves

Each player is allowed only one move at a time. You must place your foot clearly behind the ball before kicking it. You cannot play your next move if the ball is in motion. You must wait until the ball comes back to a stationary position before kicking it again. Your move will be considered illegal if you stop the ball when it is still moving in the air.

Kick Position

Round markers are placed at various positions on the pitch. You have to take the stride from two meters behind the markers.

Order Of Taking Ball Strike

The order of striking the ball is determined by the score you have won in the previous hole. A player having the highest score is eligible to kick the ball first followed by the one who has scored second highest points and so on. You must the kick the ball from its stationary position. It is prohibited to remove obstacles or move your ball. The only time in the game when you can move your ball (by marking your spot) is when it obstructs the other player’s game.

Water Obstacles

You must be wondering what to do if the ball lands up in water. In such a case, you may replace or retrieve your ball and place it within two steps from the nearest land area, pertaining to the position from where the ball entered into the water. As a result, you receive one-point penalty. Alternatively, you may put the ball in the previous kick’s point and continue your game, receiving a one-point penalty.

Picking up the ball

A player is eligible to pick up or replace for cleaning only when the ball is present on the green area. You have to complete the insertion of the ball into the hole regardless of the distance of the hole from the kicking point. You cannot give your ball to any opponent before the completion of your game.