November 29, 2022

Why You Should Review Your Footgolf Experience

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Review Your Footgolf Experience

Everyone welcomes innovative and revolutionary ideas. Footgolf with its amazing mix of football and golf is a perfect game to try out for enthusiasts of the two sports and others too. The game is celebrated as an evolutionary sport and one of the best games ever to be invented, by its die-hard fans.

If you have been playing the game for some time or have just been introduced to it, reviewing your Footgolf experience would give you an opportunity to tell others about your great experience and also promote the sport and the best courses. So for those who have yet to be exposed to it, will embrace it sooner and have the same enjoyment as you did.

Online reviews help worthy businesses promote and increase revenues (to invest further in facilities) as well as increasing a Footgolf courses popularity.

So when you are reviewing your Footgolf course experience, remember, you are helping other Footgolfers to know about the game, the courses and the benefits of playing the sport.

What a Footgolf review should consist of

In a review you should generally include information on:

Time of play

The availability of tee time is something that players would like to know about.


Since Footgolf is a new game (although its rules and guidelines are on the lines of conventional golf), if you have good support staff at the Footgolf course who were informative and friendly, you should praise them. As it could ensure you can enjoy the sport more satisfactorily.


Facilities such as refreshments, changing rooms and other amenities are part of the sport and it would be helpful for other Footgolfers to know what was available at a Footgolf course.

Interaction with golfers

Most Footgolf courses have golfers playing at the same time as the Footgolfers. A friendly interaction and interest on both sides helps a great deal in enjoying the game. Was this the case during your round?


The greens need to be well-maintained and marked clearly, so it is easy to manoeuvre the ball. Since a football is lighter than a golf ball, it is not easy to predict its movement on the greens. If the greens are soggy and wet, it makes it even tougher. Let other Footgolfers know what you thought of the greens.


Presence of hazards makes the sport interesting and challenging. Some good and strategically placed hazards both natural and man-made make the proceedings more vibrant and exciting. Did the Footgolf course you played provide enough challenges for you?

As Footgolf courses are still relatively new, a review of your Footgolf experience will give a better insight into the sport both for those interested in Footgolf and for the Footgolf course owners. A genuine and interesting narration of your experience will highlight the interesting aspects of the sport effectively.

So, come on – review your Footgolf experience with us today!