February 23, 2016

Why You Should Play Footgolf This Easter

Stonham Barns Footgolf CourseWith Easter coming early in 2016, say a happy farewell to the winter blues and welcome in the Spring with a fun and friendly game of Footgolf. It’s longer lasting than the average Easter egg hunt, and may just help you burn a few of those extra calories from the over-indulgence of chocolate. Footgolf Frenzy believe Easter is the perfect time to take your skills to the next level, or give the game a go for the very first time.

Many Footgolf courses ‘borrow’ turf from their bigger brother, the Golf Course. For many of these courses, Footgolf playing time is extremely restricted during the winter months due to both light, and that pesky enemy of the golf course, mud. Therefore Easter hails a rejuvenation of the Footgolf playing field with many courses offering longer opening hours, to reflect more daylight hours and less of the underfoot quagmire. And let’s face it, any outdoor game in the spring sunshine is going to be more pleasant than one played in the good old British drizzle.

Easter also offers the additional benefit of time. With many of us making the most of the long double Bank Holiday weekend to catch up with friends and relations, it’s a perfect time for a game. No matter how much you love your Easter Weekend companions, the chances are that four days stuck in the house mixed with too much chocolate is likely to fray tempers. Finding something to do that will suit the whole family, from the sugar-fuelled 4-year old up to grumpy grandad, can be a tall order. Not so with Footgolf.

The joy of Footgolf is that it can be enjoyed whether you’re a complete beginner of 5 or 55, or a university enthusiast who’s setting the trend on the Footgolf scene. Everyone can turn up and play and have a friendly but competitive game. If you can kick a ball and take a gentle stroll, then Footgolf is accessible. With many courses offering smaller Size 3 or Size 4 balls for the more junior members in your party, you can easily turn up with a very mixed group and still have a fair and fun game.

And don’t forget to check whether your local Footgolf courses offer meals. Many of the onsite clubhouses offer restaurants and bistro-style eateries, some even offering the traditional carvery. If you’re looking for an Easter Day Out with a difference, then indulge in a spot of Footgolf to ensure you can take on some guilt free dining.

Footgolf Frenzy will be out and about at Easter making the most of the Spring sunshine and the versatility of the game. We hope many of you will join us and review your experience on our site!