August 17, 2022

Footgolf Is Good For You

Wheal Dream Footgolf Course Cornwall Redruth10 Reasons Why Footgolf Is Good For You

Here at Footgolf Frenzy we #lovefootgolf as it is a great way to keep healthy, have enjoyment and to socialise. It’s important to have a hobby and there is no better hobby than Footgolf as it gets you out in the fresh air and being active.

In this post we share our top 10 reasons why Footgolf is good for you!

Reason 1… It’s fun!

What’s the point of doing something unless it’s fun!? We’ve all got busy lives balancing our work and family commitments so it is important to inject some fun into that routine. Footgolf is the ideal injection of fun as it is a sport where you can spend time in the great outdoors, spend time laughing and spend time challenging friends and family to a game that all ages and all abilities can play… what’s better than that?

Reason 2… It gives you the opportunity to socialise!

Playing Footgolf gets you out and about which in turn gives you the opportunity to build social networks and friendships. Footgolf by its very nature is a social activity as you can talk while you play. This social nature carries on after the game as Footgolf gives you the added bonus of being able to have a well-deserved drink after the game to discuss the outcomes. 

Reason 3… It’s a game that has longevity!

Footgolf is not a physically demanding sport and it doesn’t take too much toll on your joints such as running does. Footgolf can be taken up at any stage of a person’s life as long as that person is able to kick a ball. However, for those who are unable to walk far, a golf buggy can be hired at many courses which makes the sport easily accessible. The sport is still in it’s infancy but it looks here to stay for the future.

Reason 4… It gives you “me-time”!

Everyone needs their own space and time. Footgolf can give you that precious space and allow you the opportunity to recharge your batteries. The sport can also help you alleviate any stresses with your life. You always feel better once you have been in the fresh air and this sport gives you the chance to get healthy as well. Learning and mastering this new sport will also give you a sense of pride and achievement.

Reason 5… It gives you the opportunity to leave the technology at home!

You can’t escape technology these days. We live in a digital age which can take over our lives – getting constant texts, emails and calls. Step away from technology with a round of Footgolf. Leave all your devices at home and enjoy a few hours away from technology without disruption and enjoy some rest and recreation.

Reason 6… It lets you enjoy and appreciate nature and scenery

Footgolf courses are often found at venues in areas of beauty with great scenery (rolling hills, woodlands, coasts and beaches etc.). Course in themselves can be beautiful with well-maintained fairways, water hazards and mature trees. All of combined means that on a sunny day there is no better way to enjoy and appreciate great scenery and nature.

Reason 7… It gives you valuable family-time

As we keep saying, Footgolf is a game for all members of the family. For a younger player they get to enjoy the buzz of playing Footgolf and having fun. For more older members of the family, it gives them the chance to try a new sport and spend quality time with their family away from distractions.

Reason 8… It gives you a holiday activity

Footgolf courses are popping up all over the country, so when you are away on a break, you can still play the sport. This gives you the opportunity to try the sport in a new location with new scenery. Footgolf therefore gives you the ideal opportunity to get active and outdoors even when on holiday. And with golf breaks and holidays being  extremely popular, so why shouldn’t Footgolf holidays be the sport holidays of the future? 

Reason 9… It provides you with the ideal group activity

Footgolf is a great group activity. Whether you are looking for a corporate activity, an event for a stag and hen event or just a party (children’s or adults), Footgolf is ideal. Footgolf fits seamlessly into these requirements.

Reason 10… It’s great for controlling emotions

Like all sports in Footgolf you will experience both success as well as disappointment. It’s always powerful to learn from your mistakes and improve or overcome obstacles to improve your game. Learn from this and take your learning into your every day life. 

What are you waiting for? Get out and play today! Check out our Footgolf Course Directory for all the latest course information.