March 21, 0022

Why Footgolf is a Sport for All

Ballers & Hackers Footgolf Course NottinghamWe are passionate about Footgolf and we want to ensure that everyone knows that Footgolf is a sport for all. Footgolf is fast, fun, adventurous and a social activity to all people to take part in. The relaxed atmosphere that accompanies the sport makes it ideal for children to the older generation. Let us tell you why you should play Footgolf with your friends and family members.

10 reasons to play Footgolf

1. Different abilities can play and compete against one another

At the heart of playing Footgolf is having fun and this means that if you can kick a ball and walk around a course, then you can play. There are different size footballs available depending on whether you are a child or an adult, making sure you are all playing from the same level.

2. You can take your time playing… and even enjoy refreshments while playing!

When playing, if you get hungry or thirsty then this is no problem. Since you are out walking around the course, you can have a sneaky snack. If you are on a Stag weekend, why not bring a cheeky hip flask to sip and enjoy on your round. It might impair your ability to kick the ball however, so bear this in mind! Especially, if you are competitive and want to win!

3. You can take transport around the course

If you have a friend or family member who is unable to walk as far as required then there are many Footgolf courses that are based at traditional golf courses. This means that there will be buggies available to hire to aid their progression through the course.

4. There are no age restrictions

Any age can play as long as they can kick a football. Footgolf is a sport that all ages can enjoy and play together which is unusual when compared to many other sports.

5. You can choose how many holes you want to play and how active you want to be

Footgolf is typically played over 9 or 18 holes. It usually takes roughly 2 hours to play 18 holes, so you have the option based on how energetic you feel. If you have younger players wanting to play, then you can introduce them to the game with a 9 hole game.

6. The sport is rewarding

Playing Footgolf is rewarding. It is not only great fun to be outside and motivational to play and compete but it is rewarding to win and cheer on your friends and family. There is nothing more satisfying than sinking a shot under pressure or making a sublime long kick down the fairway. Rewarding with fresh air in your lungs.

7. You can practice anywhere

If you get the Footgolf bug, that’s great! Footgolf hones all your football skills ad precision techniques. You can practice those skills, when not on the course. You can practice kicking a football in your garden or at the park. You can practice putting by aiming for a specific area or by digging a hole in your lawn! – just ask your mum/dad/partner/wife/husband’s permission before you do this!

8. You can play as a team as well as an individual

Even though Footgolf is seen as a sport for individuals, that is not the case. Footgolf can be played in a team. Basically, if you are a Footgolf Group, you can divide the group into teams. Each team can take their combined score to compare against one another.

9. No two rounds are ever the same

You never get two rounds of Footgolf that are the same. Every game is different. You never kick in the same way and the course conditions play a massive role in the way the ball lands and rolls. This adds to the excitement of the game and makes it interesting to play again and again.

10. It keeps you fit and gets you being active

If you want to get fit and active in the great outdoors then Footgolf is the sport for you! The sport is inexpensive when compared to other sports including golf. The game also doesn’t require you to buy/hire expensive equipment.

With so many great reasons to play Footgolf, what are you waiting for? Get out and play Footgolf today!