Where to play Footgolf in Newquay

Footgolf Newquay

Loop the Loop Newquay Crazy FootgolfNewquay is a popular tourist destination and whether you are a family or a group of friends visiting this region, you will be wondering what is on offer in this vibrant seaside resort.

There is no escaping the beauty of the beaches in Newquay. The beaches are sandy and many are considered some of the finest beaches in the whole of the UK. Newquay is also renowned as a surf destination with Fistral Beach and the nearby Watergate Bay considered great surfing destinations.

However, when you want a break from the beach, you will be looking for a fun activity which everyone can enjoy. Have you tried Footgolf?

Footgolf combines golf and football – and as long as you can kick a ball… you can play!

It’s great for fun and fitness. It is a rare activity that everyone can play regardless of age and ability.

Newquay is home to two Footgolf courses. We recommend…


Newquay Crazy Footgolf

Newquay Crazy Footgolf courses as this is an entertaining course located near the town. The course provides many obstacles to test your skills and provides amusement for all players.

The course is located right by the zoo, crazy golf course and Waterworld (swimming pool with slides), so if you are looking for a day out, this location has a few options to keep you entertained.

We look at why Newquay Crazy Footgolf is perfect for you whether you’re with kids, in a family or friendship group or on a Stag Do:

Newquay Days Out with The Kids

If you are looking for a day out with the kids in Newquay then this is why Newquay Crazy Footgolf is ideal:

  • – The course is a 9-hole course which is an ideal size for children to play
  • – It’s great value for money and offers Footgolf for children for just £5.00 which also includes football hire (which on some courses can be an additional charge)
  • – The course is located right by other kid-friendly attractions such as Newquay Zoo and Waterworld, so if you are looking for more than one activity to fill your day, this is an ideal location

Newquay Children’s Parties

Why not offer a children’s party with a difference?

  • – Footgolf is the new sport to introduce youngsters to and your child could have a unique party different to everyone else.
  • – At only £5.00 per child, it’s a fun activity which won’t break the bank if your child wants to invite a few more friends than you have planned

Newquay Group Activities

Whether you live near Newquay or are visiting with friends, then you may be looking for an activity to do. You should consider Footgolf because:

  • – It offers great value for money
  • – It’s an activity that all ages and abilities can take part in
  • – It gets everyone out enjoying the great outdoors

Newquay Stag Do Activities

Newquay is a popular Stag Do destination and if you are looking for something to do while visiting the region on such an occasion then Footgolf is ideal. Newquay Crazy Football Golf is an ideal place to visit because the course offers an enjoyable and fun round. The course lets you wear what you want, you can enjoy yourself and try a unique course which even has a loop-the-loop hole!