September 28, 2016

The History Of Footgolf

The Origins of Footgolf

The exact history of Footgolf are unclear and this is because the origin can be attributed to several countries simultaneously…

Juan Manuel Aensi, a Barcelona player is said to have introduced the game in 2008 by some. 

The first ever footgolf tournament was played on a golf course, in Holland in 2008. The tournament was organised by Bas Korsten and Michael Jansen and the game had professional footballers from Belgium and Holland playing in it.

Jansen had developed an idea of the game from Willem Korsten, a Dutch footballer who had played football at Tottenham Hotspur. At the club during his time, he told Jansen that the players would end training sessions by kicking a football into the changing room, right from the pitch.

A bright idea?

Regardless of when footgolf was invented, its popularity emerged at a time when golf was losing its battle to attract new players from the younger generation. Some have credited it with saving many struggling golf courses from shutting down permanently. It is felt that the game with its simplicity and fun factor has attracted more people to try the sport and therefore helped generate additional income for golf courses.