March 31, 2019

Playing Footgolf This Easter

Family Activities at Easter

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Why You Should Get the Family Out On the Course

Spring has sprung, the daffodils are waving a cheery hello, there are lambs in the field, and Easter is just around the corner. At a time of year when the sun is starting to remind us of its existence, and many footgolf courses are extending their opening hours for the summer season, Easter is the ideal time to get out on the course and enjoy a spot of this brilliantly fun sport.

Easter Holiday Pain Points

This Easter, parents have the joy of the Easter weekend coming right at the end of the school break. This means children hyped up on excitement, with no outlet, for a good few weeks. The usual circuit of days out has worn thin over the winter months, and it’s time to burn off some energy prior to the calorific gifts of the Easter bunny. Footgolf is your family-friendly solution.

The good thing about footgolf is that you can enjoy it with a mixed bunch of players. A five year old can play alongside grandad, and even competitive mum can get in on the scene, and everyone can have a good time whilst enjoying the fresh air. Frequently footgolf courses are in beautiful landscapes, often mixing in with a golf course, so perfect for enjoying the spring primroses and crocuses popping up under the parkland trees.

Footgolf on the Agenda

As well as enjoying a game of footgolf as a family, there are plenty of other opportunities to enjoy this family-friendly game too. Whilst dad might be feeling fired up by the Algarve footgolf championship this spring, there’s no reason the parent’s working demands should result in the kids missing out on the action. As footgolf continues to grow in popularity, it’s now being recognised for the entertaining fun that it is, and is even featuring on holiday camp timetables.

Make a Break of It

The other great thing about the Easter period is the fabulously long four day weekend. Perfect for enjoying the first family road trip of the year, why not base it around Footgolf? Visit a new area of the country and check out local offerings such as National Trust Easter Trails, and combine with a spot of footgolf to balance things out.

High on our agenda for footgolf breaks over Easter is a trip to Kent, the Garden of England, to make the most of the spring floral displays, and footgolf breaks in Devon now that the weather is looking up.

Don’t Miss Out – Play Footgolf This Easter

2017 is the year everyone will hear of footgolf. Up until now it’s still been quietly building a merry band of followers. Now it’s the trampoline park of the outdoors. Footgolf courses have sprung up everywhere, and everyone is getting on the bandwagon of this fun family-friendly sport. Don’t look back and realise you’ve missed out on a fun affordable active day out this Easter.