August 23, 2018

Play Footgolf this August Bank Holiday

Happy Friends Playing FootgballThe summer is starting to draw to an end but don’t be upset, we have a three-day weekend to look forward to! Make the most of this weekend with friends and family and make sure that it is a fun, enjoyable, challenging and great one!  Make sure that you don’t waste this precious time off and get outside with the ones you love.

We recommend that you book a round of Footgolf this weekend and it is a great activity! It offers you so much with one game!  Here are some great reasons to book a round this weekend…

Football IconIt offers you an activity which everyone can participate in regardless of age and ability

Football IconIt offers you the chance to spend time with friends and family doing something fun and different

Football IconIt offers you the chance to spend time outdoors

Football IconIt offers you the chance to get some exercise (and tire out the children)

Football IconIt offers great value for money and won’t hit your pocket too hard

But, where should you play?

Take a look at our top 5 performing destinations for some ideas:

  1. Footgolf in Scotland
  2. Footgolf Courses in London
  3. Footgolf Courses in Essex
  4. Footgolf Courses in West Midlands
  5. Footgolf Courses in Cornwall