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Capitalise on the growth of Footgolf with Footgolf Marketing

Footgolf is growing in popularity at an phenomenal pace and as such Footgolf Courses are needing to be smarter in how they manage their marketing operations. Footgolf Courses need to ensure their courses receive visibility to reach potential Footgolfers to become popular and profitable businesses.

With Footgolf’s popularity only set to continue and the changing marketing landscape it means that Footgolf Marketing will become more competitive.

Make sure your course is prepared and stays ahead of the competition.


Our Footgolf Marketing Services

  • – Website Design
  • – Website Management
  • – Content Creation
  • – Search Engine Optimisation
  • – Social Media Marketing
  • – Email Marketing
  • – Footgolf Tee Time Marketing

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Website Design

We can build you a dedicated Footgolf Course WordPress website.

Don’t lose out on potential business because your website is out-of-date or poorly designed. Ensure you have a visually impressive, responsive and mobile-friendly website that will attract Footgolfers. Website design doesn’t have to be expensive. Our service cost includes domain name purchase (if necessary), setting-up a low-cost hosting solution for your business and provides you with dedicated email addresses.

Website Management

If you need frequent changes made to your website content, new images added, new pages created or general website maintenance and don’t have the time to dedicate to this, then outsource to us. We can manage your website for you, ensuring your website is current and up-to-date.

Website Content Creation

Whether you want content created for blogs, articles, the website, emails, leaflets or press releases we can produce copy of the highest quality and the type of content that people act on. Creative content is a powerful sales tool, so make sure you have it at your disposal when marketing your course.

Search Engine Optimisation

Being indexed in search engines is vital and you need to be ranking for relevant keywords to drive website traffic to your website. We can look at your existing website and content to give it a complete SEO improvement. Pushing your Footgolf course up search engine rankings and being visible to your target audience.

Search Media Management

The best place to reach Footgolfers is through Social Media channels. Do you have a social media manager or someone who can confidently and correctly grow your online reputation? We have the experience, knowledge and the online tools to make your social campaigns a success.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool when used correctly. When you have a great email campaign, you can reach Footgolfers who want to hear from you. We can write interesting copy which ensures your emails are opened, read and that Footgolfers remember you. We can also design email templates based on your brand.

Footgolf Tee Time Bookings

We offer an online booking system which has been specifically designed for Footgolf Courses. Our system takes bookings, allows you to add bookings manually and also allows your course to sell equipment and catering. Click here to find out more about the Footgolf tee time booking system.

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