June 1, 2022

How To Prepare For A Day Of Footgolf

Dibden Footgolf

Preparing for a day of Footgolf

If you are thinking of playing Footgolf for the first time there are some crucial pointers that you need to keep in mind before venturing out on the course. Let us give you some useful advice and tips that will prepare you for a day of Footgolf!

Footgolf attire

Dress according to the weather. You can wear your favourite top or simply put on a t-shirt, specifically a collared one (as this is a requirement on some courses). You can wear either knee-length shorts or opt for trousers as long as they are comfortable. The shorts or the trousers should have a drawstring or an elastic waistband as this will allow you to make flexible movements of your hips and legs.  Some players like to wear knee high argyle socks but this isn’t necessary. However, make sure you wear comfortable socks with a bit of thickness as these can provide an extra padding to your kicks as well as keeping your feet dry in hot and wet weather conditions.

Don’t forget to check the dress code with the Footgolf course before you play as some courses have their own specific official dress codes rules.

Footgolf shoes

Footwear is important when playing Footgolf. Many Footgolf clubs strictly prohibit wearing football boots, football studs or firm ground shoes. Football boots are restricted as they can leave marks and can damage the delicate fairways. It is best to wear comfortable trainers with solid arc support and good traction.

Footgolf ball

A regular size 5 soccer ball will suffice for a game of Footgolf. You can buy size 4 football ball for young children under the age of 12. This will help the child to play better and keep pace with the adult Footgolfers. The ball should not be soft; it must be hard so that it can bear a solid kick. Most of the Footgolf courses hire their own balls.

With these tips, you will certainly be prepared for a game of Footgolf. Have fun!

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