October 10, 2015

How To Practice Your Footgolf Game At Home

Practice the Game Footgolf Play Soccer Ball FootballFootgolf as a sport has risen in popularity in recent years. One key reason for this is the game has a stunning combination of football shots and golf skills. With footgolf touted as the trendiest form of fun, knowing how to play the game helps you to have an edge, while playing it with friends and family.

At the outset, it is a sport that doesn’t need you to be an ace at either football or golf. It is mostly played for fun and enjoyment. You need to just relax and enjoy the game. Nevertheless, if you’re still looking to get some practice, here are some useful tips to help you practice the game well.

Know about the game

Knowing some facts about the game helps if you’re relatively new to it. Nearly 80 percent of the players fall within 18 and 35 years of age, with women making up 35 percent of players. You can play the shorter 9-hole version, or the longer 18-hole game. Most golf courses feature both formats and to play you can book the tee times via online sites. A footgolf course is modelled on a golf course complete with bunkers, greens, tee boxes and hazards. The scorecards that display each holes par scores are similar to golf. The aim is to get lowest score, which you can achieve by kicking the football least number of times. And to get the best results, you need to practice a smart approach and put accurately.

Practice tips

  • – While for golf it is your swing, which you need to practice, in footgolf, it is the kick. Kick in footgolf is a single movement done, while your foot does not rest on the ball or against it. Each ball movement is considered as a kick and kicks equal the shots in golf.
  • – Less number of kicks taken to get the ball into the tee hole will get you a good score. Knowing the types of kicks that are allowed is important, so you can practice them. Before you start practicing, don’t let your foot’s bottom roll, tap or touch the ball.
  • – Top foot kick: As the name implies you use the top part of your foot here. This kick in football helps to increase speed, distance and power for the player. This is best used in long holes and off the teeing spot in footgolf.
  • – Toe kick: This helps you lift the ball or punt it from short distances into the hole. Chipping and putting is done easily with this kick.
  • – You can use the back of your foot to avoid the obstacles. The external sidekick made using outside part of your foot helps to bend the football around a barrier facing you or present in the line of your shot. Internal sidekick is for accurate shots taken at a short distance. You can shoot or chip easily using this kick.

In short, the way you kick, knowing the strategy behind the kicks, and learning proper application of the kicks help to play the game well.