June 18, 2022

How to Organise a Footgolf Day with Your Friends

Dyffryn Clwyd FootGolf Centre

Once you’re hooked on Footgolf it won’t be long until you want to spread the word and get your friends on board. Footgolf is a wonderfully accessible sport and hobby that can be played regularly, or just as a one off, and as such makes it a perfect choice when planning your next get together with your favourite bunch of people. If you want it to be a great day out then you need to be well prepared. But where to start?

#1 – Location, Location, Location

Gone are your limited options, most areas of the UK now boast plenty of choice when it comes to Footgolf. Therefore choose wisely. You need to factor in everything that you want from a course – a quick one hour jaunt? Pick a 9-hole, possibly part of a driving range where it’s likely to be shorter. Looking for more bang for your buck and a longer day out? Then head to either an 18-hole or a 9-hole that allows unlimited play. Also make sure you factor in a good backdrop. With Footgolf being incorporated in to some of the most majestic golf courses, this shouldn’t be too hard. Take a look at Footgolf Frenzy’s Search Function for inspiration.

#2 – Amenities & Accommodation

Chances are you’re not going to want to say your farewells the minute the final ball is sunk. You’re going to want to assess, jibe and relive the game. Therefore, when choosing a Footgolf day with friends, it’s important to choose somewhere that has further amenities and maybe even accommodation. Is there a Clubhouse? Does it serve food? What about a bar? Are there other activities on site?

#3 – Are We There Yet?

If you don’t want your friends forever remembering the day for a poor journey… If you have wheels then check out routes and parking…If you’re reliant on Public Transport then take care to choose one of the many Footgolf venues next to rail stations, or close to the centre of towns.

#4 – Book It!

Seriously. Whilst one of the joys of Footgolf is its Pay and Play nature, you don’t want disappointment on the day when there’s a group of you looking to play. Choose a Footgolf tee off time and get your name down.

#5 – Kit, Balls, and Other Gear

You might be a dab hand at this Footgolf malarkey, but if you’ve got newbies in your group they are likely to feel intimidated by preconceptions that involve Golf Club Etiquette or mistakenly think they can wear their football boots. Do everyone a favour and let them all know a quick rundown of what they’ll need: non-studded comfy shoes – check; towel for wiping muddy hands and balls – check; sunnies so you can see where you’re aiming for – check. Add to this a quick Know How on the rules of play and everyone should be set to go.

With all five points covered, you and your friends should be all set for a friendly competitive and fun day out. Why not go the extra mile and arrange a Footgolf day out with friends for someone’s birthday?