July 17, 2022

Games and side bets to spice up your round of Footgolf

Competitive Friends

Are you thinking of ways to liven up your Footgolf round? Well, have you thought of introducing some games to play during your round?

Spice up your game of Footgolf with some side bets and sneaky challenges to play with your friends and test your Footgolfing skills.

Here at Footgolf Frenzy, we have looked at how you can adapt some traditional golf games to Footgolf to make your game more interesting ad fun.

Bingo, Bango, Bongo!

An odd name for a game! However, this is a simple game which can be played easily with players of different abilities. In this game you only have to be the first to do something and is all about points tally. On a hole, the first player to get the football to the green gets a point (this is the ‘bingo’ part), the player who gets the football closest to the hole gets a point (this is the ‘bango’ part) and finally the player who is first to get the football in the hole gets a hole (‘bongo’). This is a simple game but one which can be played easily with families with younger players.


This game requires 4 players. The aim of the game is to have the lowest score at the end of the game. Each player takes in turn to be the ‘Wolf’ and the ‘Wolf’ is the last player to kick-off on a hole. As the other players take their first shot the ‘Wolf’ needs to decide whether or not to take that player and play as a two-some, therefore the ‘Wolf’ needs to gamble on whether the remaining players will kick the football better. If the ‘Wolf’ decides to play alone, they become the ‘Lone Wolf’ and they need to beat the other 3 players score on the hole (lowest score wins). If the ‘Wolf’ chooses to play with another, each player and they win, they both get two points. If the non-Wolf players win the hole, they get three points each. If the ‘Lone Wolf’ beats everyone, they receive 4 points. The hole points are then tallied up at the end to see who wins.


Want to play for serious money? Then this is the game for you. For this game you need two teams comprising of two players. The points from each hole are dependent on the team score. If in your team, the first player gets the football in the hole in 4 shots and then next player gets it in, in 5 shots, then the score is combined, so 4 and 5 becomes 45! Before the game, you decide the cost of point differences, for example, point differences are £1. Therefore, if the other team scored 5 and 5, 55, the difference is 10, so they owe you £10 for that hole. Just to ensure that the game doesn’t get out of hand, if a player takes 10+ shots to get the football in the hole then ‘Vegas’ happens, so the 10 points becomes the lowest score, so if the team scored 8 and 10, the total isn’t 810 but 108.


This is a very traditional golf game that is very popular. Basically, two teams of two players play against each other. At the end of each hole, the player with the lowest score is the one that will be recorded (with the highest score being disregarded).

Skins or Forfeits

Before a game of Footgolf, players decide what a winning hole is worth, such as £1 (all players will initially contribute to a kitty). The lowest score on a hole wins the ‘skin’. Should the hole be tied, the skin carries over to the next hole and whoever wins it outright wins the ‘skin’ for that hole and the hole that was carried over. This could also work for doing forfeits. Each hole could carry a forfeit and the losing player of a hole will need to carry out that forfeit assigned to that hole.


This is a very popular game in golf and usually played with four players. In this game there are three bets that are made – who has the lowest score on the front nine holes, who has the lowest score on the back nine and who has the lowest score in total. If you decide to have a £2 Nassau bet and are player who loses all bets, the most you will lose will be £6. If you win all three, you can win £18 (£6 from the other three players in the group).

Alternate Shots

This is a fun game where you choose a playing partner and before the game you decide who will kick-off on the odd and even holes. Once a player has kicked off, the players in the team take alternate shots until the ball is in the hole.


In this game the player who gets the lowest score on a hole captures the ‘Rabbit’ (no ties). On the next hole is someone new gets the lowest score, the ‘Rabbit’ is set free. The ‘Rabbit’ can be won again by the player who gets the lowest score on the next hole. However, it is important to remember that the ‘Rabbit’ needs to be set free before it can be won again. Bets can be placed and won by the holder of the ‘Rabbit’ on the 9th and 18th hole.

Why not try one of these games next time you play a round of Footgolf? If you want to add some competitive play to your game and spice things up, these games are ideal. Remember, what the famous American golfer, Lee Trevino once said “you don’t know what pressure is until you play for five bucks with only 2 in your pocket” and challenge your game with a side-game/bet today.

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