If you’re looking for somewhere to play Footgolf and need some advice then why not read our Footgolf guides:

Footgolf Frenzy’s Guide to Footgolf in Cornwall

Ahhhh, Cornwall.

Home of the heavenly cream tea and the nation’s finest brewery at St Austell. What about their infamous pasties washed down with a pint of cider? Or some decadent fudge or gloriously creamy Cornish ice cream? Heaven in the West Country, but it’s probably best to get out and get some exercise and fresh air with all those calories!

No problem, Cornwall does the Big Outdoors with flamboyancy, flair, and awe. Especially for our Footgolf fanatics, you couldn’t ask for a more glorious playground.

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Footgolf Frenzy’s Guide to Footgolf in London

For Footgolfer fans living, working or visiting the Capital, you’re in for a treat as the number of Footgolf Courses is on the rise meaning that you can easily fit in a game when you are there.

One of the best things about playing Footgolf in London is the fact that Footgolf can be part of your bigger day or weekend out. Footgolf can also be played in a variety of ways – for fun, socially or competitively.

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Footgolf Frenzy’s Guide to Footgolf in Kent

Kent is spoilt for choice when it comes to Footgolf.

Kent Footgolfers have a wealth of different styles of clubs and courses at which to have a go, or to develop your skills, or even join a weekly club. The Garden of England is not only abundant in orchards and oast houses, it’s a rich harvest for Footgolf too.

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