February 19, 2019

Footgolf in 2019

Happy Footgolfers Footgolf Frenzy

What are you looking forward to most this year? #Footgolf

Golf Kingdom Footgolf Course

Footgolf has now gained a strong foothold with Footgolf Frenzy now listing over 250 courses in the UK & Ireland. If you still haven’t tried the sport or are not a regular player yet, here are Footgolf Frenzy’s top reasons why you should get out on the course in 2019.

There is nothing better for the soul than getting outside on a rain-free, sunny day and getting some exercise

We truly believe that getting outside, getting fresh air in your lungs, getting some exercise and being with friends and family can’t be beaten. What more can we say?

The rules and interpretation of the game ensures a flexible and versatile game for all

Footgolf is so versatile, it can be played on your own or with friends and family of any age. It doesn’t matter if players have different abilities, as long as you can kick a ball, you can compete against each other.

The game makes you feel rewarded

Footgolf can be a very rewarding sport especially when you strike the ball well or even get a hole in one! Sometimes it can take a while to get into a game or learn how to play well – but when you do, the buzz you get gives you a great feeling!

You can play as a team or as an individual

Just like golf you can play Footgolf as an individual or in a team…. and teams of any numbers will work!

No game is ever the same

Variety is the spice of life or so they say! Playing Footgolf will give you a different outcome each time you play as the conditions will never be the same, your playing partners won’t play the same and your game will change (for better or worse). Every game is different and that’s why we love Footgolf!

It’s a sport that keeps you fit

Footgolf can be as demanding as you like. The main health benefit of the game is that you will walk many miles while playing. Typically in golf, the average golfer walks over 6 miles when playing 18 holes, so in Footgolf you can expect the same. This is 6 miles over different terrain while walking, running or jogging. So, Footgolf is a great way to stay fit and healthy.

Whatever your new year resolution was, it’s time to give Footgolf a try or get out on the course more often in 2019.

We list all the courses in your area, so check out our course directory to find courses in near you today.