October 21, 2022

Why Footgolf is Great Exercise

#GetActive with Footgolf

Footgolf Keeping Fit Course Barnet Tudor Park Playing ExerciseDid you know that playing Footgolf can be part of your regular exercise routine? It’s great for the mind, body and soul and here’s why…

Footgolf increases your fitness

By walking and running you are doing cardiovascular exercise. Footgolf courses, especially 18 holes courses can cover a huge area, so as you make your way around the course you are getting your heart pumping and ensuring cardiovascular benefit.

Not only that but by either walking or running you are using your muscles such as your hamstrings and quadriceps, which will help strengthen and tone your body.

You will also be helping your body maintain its balance. Kicking a football and achieving a great shot requires balancing your body and this relates to maintaining your core. Your core includes your abdominal muscles as well as the muscles in your lower back. These muscles are important to keep toned since they work together to help stop back pain and help you prevent yourself from falling. Playing Footgolf will work on these muscles and improve your body core.

Footgolf can exercise your brain

Exercising your brain is extremely important and Footgolf can help this as well as your concentration. When you are playing Footgolf you need to remember the number of shots you have taken and even remember how to play certain shots, so you are exercising your brain as well as your body.

Footgolf can improve your vision and focus

When you are playing Footgolf you’ll need to keep an eye on your ball as well as focusing on the hole while at distance. Not only that but Footgolf requires foot-eye co-ordination, so the sport can help improve all-round vision.

Footgolf helps you sleep better

Playing Footgolf means you are enjoying the great outdoors and getting exercise. These factors all lead to you getting a better night sleep. Your body will be tired after a day playing Footgolf and will need time to recover from the energy you expended during the round. A good night’s sleep will ensure your body repairs and looks after your muscles and tissues.

Footgolf reduces stress

Playing any sort of sport can alleviate stress. Being outdoors means you breathe in the fresh air and it can help you forget any stresses. You are also playing the sport with fellow Footgolfers who all share a similar interest. All these factors release endorphins (a mood-enhancing chemical) within our brain which makes you more relaxed and happier.

So, as you can see Footgolf is good for your well-being. It can also provide a mental challenge and give you the opportunity to spend time outdoors. That combined with the fact that the sport can be played by all ages and all abilities, as well as on your own or as part of a team both casually or competitively means Footgolf is the sport you should be playing!