Did you know that Leeds is known as one of the best places to live in the whole of the UK based on cost of living in prime and figures and the general happiness of the people who live there it is also a popular shopping destination due to the number of shopping moles in the city he has many calendar experiences including vibrant street food seen and has a world-renowned music scene with Carine Bailey Rae and the Kaiser Chiefs coming from Leeds it must also not be forgotten that leads is in Yorkshire so even though Leeds is a bustling city and is a nightlife hotspot it also has someone was beautiful countryside and landscapes on his doorstep needs in Yorkshire is home to some great football courses read on for a guide to the best foot golf hotspots in Leeds situated between Leeds and weight field you find South Leeds foot golf course this is a six whole course that offers par-4 holes for part for holes and two poor three holes don’t let the size the course put you off as this is a popular welcoming course to play ther