July 24, 2017

‘Footgolf Frenzy’ adds Key Personnel to Team – Press Release

New collaboration spells great things for UK Footgolf

Press Release 24th July 2017

Footgolf-dedicated website Footgolf Frenzy is a portal designed to promote and grow Footgolf in the UK and Ireland, helping individuals find and book Footgolf tee times across the country.

The family-friendly sport of Footgolf is still in its infancy, but already attracting many dedicated followers eager to find out more about this fun combination of two of the world’s favourite sports – football and golf.

Footgolf Frenzy has confirmed their commitment to become the complete resource for Footgolf in the UK and Ireland and raising the profile of the game by announcing a new strategic partnership.

Footgolf Frenzy owner Sarah Griffiths is teaming up with Golfwise Ltd. and Footgolfwise Ltd. to bring added dimensions to the website. GolfWise Ltd. brings many years’ experience behind the scenes in the sports facilities management industry to the project, as well as PGA Pro experience. Currently running a series of golf and Footgolf courses in the UK, their partnership with Sarah, who’s digital marketing consultancy skills and experience in the golf and tee time market helped her launch the website back in 2015, has proven to be a powerful combination of complimentary talents. Footgolf Frenzy have also secured the talent of Arsenal legend and OBE holder Vic Akers meaning the company now has a renowned and experienced team dedicated to growing the sport of Footgolf within the United Kingdom and Ireland.

“Our plan is to raise Footgolf’s profile and for Footgolf Frenzy to become the go-to resource for Footgolf in the UK,” says Griffiths. “The sport should be promoted and available to all – and we are ideally placed to help this happen.”

The expansion includes plans to roll out more comprehensive Footgolf course information and offer targeted packages, deals and promotions to help grow participation in the next generation of players, as well as fuelling interest through advising organisations on how to make their grounds and courses more user-friendly for a wider demographic.

This new collaboration officially launches on July 24th – giving a variety of new services including the ability to book courses online, Footgolf consultancy, Footgolf equipment purchase and a variety of Footgolf marketing services to help bolster a courses promotional efforts.

With such a great team on board, the future of Footgolf looks very bright indeed.


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