May 23, 2022

Footgolf for a Stag Do Activity

Stag Do Footgolf FrenzyPlanning a Stag event can be both an enjoyable yet daunting experience. Surely, if you plan for lots of fun and alcohol, you can’t go wrong!? Well, the difficulty comes when you need to find an activity that all party members can participate in. This can be one of the hardest areas to plan for because everyone has contrasting abilities, fitness levels and willingness to participate in different activities or sports. 

That’s why Footgolf provides the ideal daytime Stag activity. It’s a sport that has a broad appeal and anyone can play and try. If there are any members of the group who are older, as long as they can kick a ball, they can join in. For any member who can’t walk far, then there are many Footgolf courses that hire buggies, so getting around the course doesn’t become a problem (just remember to speak to the course to discuss your requirements as many courses won’t allow group bookings to have buggies unless prior arrangement has been made and discussed).

So, the sport has all the fun elements you need on any Stag party and provides plenty of opportunity for banter, wind up’s and laughs. 

Don’t forget that many Footgolf courses have on-site catering facilities as well which can really add to your day. They are often able to provide refreshments pre or post match to ensure that everyone is kept well-fed and watered during the event.

It is important not to leave your booking until the last minute. Courses are very popular especially in the summer months and even though a course may say that they offer Footgolf on a ‘Pay and Play’ basis, they actually need to plan when a large group is attending. Booking not only ensures that the course can cater for your requirements but also planning the event in advance can help you if you have any last minute changes or needs that you would like accommodated. 

Location, Location, Location

There are so many Footgolf courses across the country that there is bound to be a course near your Stag party location. 

If you are looking to book Footgolf as your event activity, we have a number of partnerships with courses and can help you book your ideal activity. Take a look at the list below and if you would like to make an enquiry, click here.

Stag Do Newquay

Newquay is a popular Stag destination in Cornwall and for those looking to visit the South West of England.

There is no better place to celebrate a groom’s last few days of freedom than at this renowned seaside town. There is an abundance of beaches to choose from and you can also try your hand at surfing as it is one of the best surfing locations in the UK. This coupled with the many pubs and clubs on offer makes Newquay a Stag Do location with a lot to offer.

Stag Do Essex

The Notleys Golf Club Footgolf Course Braintree EssexEssex is a vibrant and lively place to have your Stag Do and is the place to visit if you are looking to add a bit of glitz to your event. Essex is home to many cocktail venues as well as offering some of the best bars in the country. There are many nightclubs with VIP packages available or if a traditional pub is more your style. the county has an abundance of pubs for you to enjoy a drink with your friends.  Located on London’s doorstep and served by an excellent transport network, Essex certainty is the place to visit for those looking for a convenient and entertaining location.

The Notleys Footgolf, Braintree

Located near Braintree in Essex is The Notleys Footgolf course which offers groups an ideal event location. Not only does the club have a challenging Footgolf course it also has a clubhouse where your group can get refreshments (alcohol) and food during your visit. This is a welcoming and friendly venue that prides itself on ensuring that all visitors has a great time at their club. A Footgolf event at The Notleys is guaranteed not to disappoint.

Click here to find out more about The Notleys Footgolf.

West Park Footgolf, Chelmsford

Located in Chelmsford and only 0.5 miles away from the main railway station is this Footgolfing gem. The course offers the game over 9 or 18 holes which gives you flexibility around the amount of time that you would like to play the game. The course is extremely welcoming and there is a small café on-site that offers refreshments. However, the convenient location of this course really sells this venue along with the relaxed atmosphere. All these factors ensure you will have a memorable game of Footgolf. 

Click here to find out more about West Park (Chelmsford) Footgolf

Stag Do London

England Cricket Team Barnet FootgolfMany Stag’s will say that there is no better location to have a Stag Do than in London. The UK’s capital city certainty won’t disappoint as there is all the activities under the sun to choose from – speedboats to Footgolf courses! There are also a huge selection of places to party the night away as well as having a great choice of restaurants. There is something for everyone in London and it will offer you a stag weekend to remember. 

Barnet Footgolf (Tudor Park)

Tudor Park or Barnet Footgolf is one of our most popular Footgolf courses and it is not difficult to see why. It is set in an ideal location (less than a mile from New Barnet Rail Station) and you can play the course over 18 holes. This was London’s first Footgolf course and it provides a great game for all those participating. The course has also been played by England Footballers as well as the England Cricket Team! So, not a bad location to incorporate into your Stag weekend!

Click here to find out more about Tudor Park (Barnet) Footgolf