August 9, 2022

Footgolf Cumbernauld

Footgolf Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Footgolf Cumbernauld –
The Ideal Scottish Location for Footgolf Fun

Footgolf Cumbernauld needs to be on your agenda if you’re looking for a fun day out or group activity in and around the Glasgow region.

If you’ve not yet been baptised in to the world of Footgolf, then you’re in for a treat. It’s a little like golf, in that your aim is to get the ball in to various holes around a course in as few goes as possible. It’s also a little like football in that you’re kicking a size 5 football and the holes are bigger.

What’s particularly great about Footgolf is that it is suited to everyone – old and young, sporty or with two left feet. Above all, it’s fun. It’s a way to ensure guaranteed smiles and laughter. That’s why it is particularly ideal for groups. What’s more, the abilities within the group can vary enormously and everyone will still have an enjoyable time.

Footgolf at Cumbernauld is a fantastic choice for group bookings and is a venue suited to the following groups:

Stag parties: Stag parties can enjoy a fun and competitive game suited to everyone in the group. It’s an opportunity to dress up, get active, have fun and then head to the bar afterwards!

Hen parties: For hens, Footgolf offers something different to the usual spa weekend. Let’s not leave all the fun to the stags, but have a laugh, discover something new, and then be looked after with catering of your choice.

Corporate events: Whether for office team-building, or something to do with clients, Footgolf is suitable for all.

Hobby and sports team socials: Hobby and sports teams frequently book Footgolf for their socials again because it is suited to such a wide group of individuals.

Children’s Birthday Parties: Say goodbye to dull soft play or a hall with an entertainer, and let them try out something new and fun whilst being active. Then it’s inside for delicious party food.

Adult Birthday Parties: Choose something memorable for your next birthday with a footgolf event. Have a good time then let the drinks flow in the bar.

Why Footgolf Cumbernauld

Whilst each course has something good to offer, some courses shine out as being ideal for groups. Footgolf Cumbernauld is one of these.

Footgolf Cumbernauld is a dedicated footgolf course (no sharing with the uptight golfers!) and it is open daily. It’s a long and varied course meaning that you get a decent length game of around 1 hr 45 min.

They also:

Are ideally located

Just 5 miles from Glasgow, Cumbernauld is easy to get to and yet set in stunning landscape. It’s only 10 minutes from Glasgow and Stirling. Even Edinburgh is only 40 minutes away. Use as a standalone option for adult birthday parties, children’s events, or corporate events, or combine with other Scottish experiences.

Offer a bespoke service

The service at Cumbernauld is fantastic. They are experts in catering for groups and creating the exact package to suit your specific requirements. This means that whether you’re looking for a kid’s party near Glasgow with something different on offer, or Footgolf as part of a stag weekend in Scotland, they will create the bespoke package you need. You can even have trophies and bubbly thrown in.

Have an 18-hole dedicated Footgolf course

This course isn’t shared with golfers. It’s a dedicated full 18 holes of Footgolf spread over a whopping 2 miles (72 par). There’s no ‘making do’, this course has been designed for long shots, technical shots and awesome fun with a football. Indeed, this is Scotland’s only dedicated Footgolf course. The 18 holes are spread across deeply undulating parkland with a mixture of challenges. You can simply turn up and play, but if you would like an instructor then Cumbernauld can include one too.

Can arrange transport for you

If you are flying in to Scotland for a stag do then no problem! Footgolf Cumbernauld can organise your transfer from Glasgow airport. If you are arriving by train or bus? They can be there to greet you in Glasgow city centre!

Have excellent on-site facilities

There is an onsite licensed bar at the course serving your favourite tipples and they can cater to your needs – from a kid-friendly buffet of jam sarnies and crisps or pies and ale for Stags, through to a three-course meal for corporate client days.

Are open around you

Not all Footgolf courses have long opening hours. Footgolfers often have to fit in around times which better suit golfers who share the course, or make do with limited hours. Not so at Cumbernauld, here you can play 7 days a week between 9am and 8pm!

Don’t have a dress code

Different Footgolf courses require different dress codes. Once again, Cumbernauld is particularly ideal for groups playing Footgolf in Scotland. There is no set dress code, except not to wear studs or golf spikes. Many groups choose to add to the fun and relaxed atmosphere by stipulating fancy dress or going all-out on wacky golf-gear!

How to book Footgolf Cumbernauld

Now you’re talking!

Online booking is available on Footgolf Frenzy for up to 20 people – click here to book!

Larger groups need to complete the fill in the group booking form below for your perfect Scottish Footgolf event will be arranged for you.