Situated in Droitwich, Worcestershire, this is an elegantly open course situated in undulating countryside. The course used at Gaudet Luce for Footgolf is the Hadzor Course, a wonderful 9-hole course with water features and both small and mature trees, making for an interesting and varied journey throughout the game.

This really is one of the country’s most outstanding courses to offer Footgolf and is both popular and fun. This course and club is modern in its approach and feel.

The Clubhouse has a bar and restaurant as well as Changing and Shower facilities. There is Sports TV available should you wish to enjoy the convivial atmosphere.

Footballs are provided and buggies are available should you wish to use them. Footgolf is the sport of the moment, so head on down to Gaudet Luce during the week, or on weekend afternoons, and give it a try.


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