The History Of Footgolf
The Origins of Footgolf The exact history of Footgolf are unclear and this is because the origin can be attributed to several countries simultaneously… Juan Manuel Aensi, a Barcelona player is said to have introduced the game in 2008 by some.  The first ever footgolf tournament was played on a golf course, in Holland in  [...]
The First-Timers Guide To Footgolf
Footgolf is a sport widely popular among people of all age groups. If it’s the first time that you are heading to the course for a game of Footgolf, then take a look at our first-timers guide that will help novice footgolfers. Footgolf Dress Make sure that you wear proper Footgolf attire. The dress of  [...]
Is Footgolf the Game for 2016?
Just a few years ago, uttering the term ‘Footgolf’ would have resulted in a few raised eyebrows wondering what the sport was. But today, Footgolf is considered the growing sport trend of 2016. Golf sometimes doesn’t fit with people’s contemporary lifestyle that is lived in bitesize chunks and not steeped in formality. Glorious golf courses  [...]