Why Footgolf is a Family Sport
Footgolf for Families Footgolf has become a big craze in the UK. Many people have claimed that Footgolf is a family sport and here are the reasons why… Ease of play Footgolf doesn’t take as much time as the traditional golf game. The time taken is about two hours (for 18 holes), whereas a conventional  [...]
An Introduction To Footgolf
What Is Footgolf? Footgolf has been around for a few years but it is still surprising that many people are not even aware of the sport and how to play it. If you are one of these people, then don’t worry as we are here to explain to you. As the name suggests, Footgolf is  [...]
The Rising Popularity Of Footgolf
Why Footgolf is popular Footgolf is widely gaining popularity around the world, admired by the young as well as adults. But, if you are still wondering what Footgolf is, then where have you been!? Only joking, let us tell you what this game is all about! We want to get you as excited about Footgolf  [...]
Happy New Year From Footgolf Frenzy
Looking back on 2017 and looking foward to 2018 2017 was a milestone year for Footgolf Frenzy. Our website traffic grew by 90% and we added many new features and functionality to enhance the user experience on the website. Features such as improvements to the flow of the booking system and enhanced Footgolf course information.  [...]