September 28, 2015

Do Footgolfers & Golfers Like Each Other?

Footgolfers .v. Golfers

Footgolfers Footgolf Course Play Football GolfFootgolf is a new and exciting game that has brought a revolution of sorts to golf courses. While it has certainly played a role in renewing public interest in golf, the question many people ask is do golfers and footgolfers like each other?

Footgolf while bringing in the dynamicity of football retains the authentic golf flavour making it more endearing to golf players. But at the same time some golfers, especially purists would strongly object to the golf course being used in such a way by Footgolfers.

But here are some interesting facts that cast a better perspective of the situation:

  • – Footgolf is a hybrid game that has the best of golf and soccer making it an amazing sport to indulge in.
  • – People who were put off by the various limitations that golf posed such as expense, accuracy and difficult game rules are attracted by Footgolf, which is cheaper, easier and more fun.
  • – The rules are very simple, but mirror the objective of golf except for the fact that you have to kick a size 5 football into a 21-inch hole with as few shots as possible.
  • – A footgolf course typically extends to about 2,250 yards, while a golf course is spread over 7,000 yards.
  • – Footgolf is faster when compared to golf and takes less time to complete the 18 holes. For families and youngsters who favour less playtime this is a great asset to the game (and for golfers who get annoyed at the fun and noise made by footgolfers, this is a great relief!)
  • – In Footgolf, you need not know any highly skilled manoeuvers to kick the ball. The game is very casual and a person of any level of skill can try their hand at the game. Since there are no expectations here, the game is totally awesome!
  • – Many amateur golfers are anxious about making the right shots. In Footgolf, if you mess up your shot and kick the ball into the trees, you don’t take it serious and just laugh it off.
  • – The game rules are easy to learn and fun to play, especially with family.
  • – The price factor too tips more in favour of Footgolf. The cost of playing at the Footgolf course is much less, when compared to playing golf. Further the clubs, balls and green fees all add up to a considerable sum in golf. In Footgolf, you need only a ball and running shoes.

As you can see, a Footgolfer has many things going for them, whereas a golfer has to digest the fact that they have to stay longer, work harder and spend more to enjoy golf. Imagine if you are a golfer, and you come across a Footgolfer having the time of his life at the greens, wouldn’t you turn green (pardon the pun) with envy? And as for golfers getting along with Footgolfers, it depends on how the course is designed and how accommodating the golfer is too.

What is your opinion?