May 14, 2020

Covid-19 – Stay Safe on the Course

Footgolf Ballyclare Greenacres Golf Centre Co Antrim

How to Stay Safe on the Footgolf Course

The Government announced on Sunday that golf and therefore Footgolf courses could open to the public from 13th May 2020.

It is important that all courses ensure that they open in a safe way, that takes responsibility for both Footgolfers and their staff members.

We provide the following advice for Footgolfers playing Footgolf in this phase of the outbreak (in the assumption that courses are undertaking their own safety procedures):

  • Book a round online to ensure that you can play when you want. Do not take a chance and turn-up at course (unless this has been stated by the course you are attending).
  • You should give your contact details to the course for contact tracing purposes
  • Make sure you have a card to pay for your round as cash will probably not be accepted
  • Ensure social distancing in the car park (leave room between you and the next car)
  • Don’t arrive early for your round – turn up with enough time to pay and go to the start position (no more than 20 minutes)
  • Take your own Football if possible, which you should clean before and after your round
  • Play as a singleton or with people in your same household
  • Observe social distancing and don’t mingle with other Footgolfers around the entrance or on the course
  • You will need to take your rubbish home as bins will probably be covered up
  • Don’t touch anyone else’s football when you are playing
  • Don’t handshake or high-five with other players
  • It is advised that you download the NHS tracing app. If you develop any Covid-19 symptons after your round, it is your duty to contact the course to make them aware and inform parties as necessary