March 19, 2020

Coronavirus advice for Footgolfers

Cornwall Football Golf St Austell Cornwall

Update: 23rd March 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Government has asked for everyone to stay in doors and all courses to close.

19th March 2020

There is no specific advice for Footgolfers regarding the Coronavirus BUT England Golf has issued an statement and it is felt that because Footgolf is often played alongside Golf that this advice is very relevant.

Their general advice for players is as follows as of 19th March 2020:

  • Indoor, social aspects of golf club life should be curtailed based on expert advice on social gatherings
  • Players suffering from or showing symptoms of the COVID-19 infection must self-isolate and stay away from their golf club. The length of time spent in self-isolation should be in line with government recommendations
  • Vulnerable groups or those with underlying health issues should heed government advice to self-isolate
  • To minimise social contact in locker rooms players should be allowed to change shoes in the car park
  • Cash transactions should be avoided and card payments encouraged
  • On the course, players should try to maintain a minimum distance of two metres between themselves and playing partners. Take care to adhere to this on teeing grounds and greens
  • Players should consider playing in smaller groupings – i.e. two balls – to adhere with social distancing
  • Players should leave the flagstick in the hole at all times and clubs should remove rakes from the course to limit the risk of infection spreading from hand to hand.
  • Common courtesies – handshakes and embraces in accordance with the accepted etiquette of the game – are to be avoided. Offering a thumbs up or some other form of friendly greeting should be used as an alternative

For expert medical advice please refer to the following websites:

World Health Organisation:

Public Health England: