September 15, 2022

10 Footgolf Tips And Tricks On The Course

Footgolf Tips And Tricks

If you have just begun to play Footgolf and are planning on heading out on the green soon, then follow Footgolf Frenzy’s tips and tricks to help your game!

1. Dress appropriately

In order to have a fun day, you should wear appropriate Footgolf attire, which includes golf cap, collared t-shirt, argyle socks and sports shoes. Your dress should be comfortable and flexible. Go for knee-length shorts instead of full length trousers, as this will make your leg movements easy. Make sure you check with the club that you are adhering to their Footgolf dress code.

2. Bring a towel

Most of Footgolf courses offer Footgolf for the whole day, starting from early morning till the evening. So, if you plan to start your Footgolf game from early morning, then carry a towel with you. Footballs are more likely to pick up dirt, grass, and dew on the ground. A towel will help you to wipe your ball as well your hands.

3. Hire a Football

Don’t waste money in buying your own football, instead hire one from the course. With a hired ball, you will not have to worry if you will accidently puncture or lose your ball. It will also save you time, when the ball goes into a water hazard on the course, as you’ll instantly get a new one.

4. Know the fairway

It is better if you know what to expect on the Footgolf course. Get a course map and see where all the holes are, so when you start playing you know where you have to aim.

5. Practice

You should practice before actually playing Footgolf. Before kicking the ball, it is advised that you practice the swings of your leg, as your kick will determine the direction of your football.

6. Strike with laces

You should kick the ball with the help of your laces. Laces will lend your kick the perfect power as well as control. Novice Footgolfers often think that kicking the ball with their toe will take the ball more far with minimal effort, but such a kick is actually difficult and inconsistent.

7. Play with the wind

Look in which direction the wind is blowing. This is a very important aspect that you should keep in mind when playing Footgolf. The wind can deflect your ball and therefore spoil your shot. So, play according to the wind.

8. Practice with both feet

It is not necessary that you should know how to kick properly with both your feet, but it is recommended that you practice with both your feet. This will help you in situations where you find an obstacle like a tree or bunker, which can make it difficult for you to kick with your preferred foot.

9. Remove your ball

You should remove your football after kicking it in the hole. Since a football is quite large, it will take up a lot of space in the hole. And when others kick their ball, it is probable that they will miss their shot. Also, you should remove other balls from the hole before planning your tee shots, as this will keep your ball from bouncing off the hole.

10. Spot hazards

Usually Footgolf is played on or adjacent to a golf course. It is possible that there would be trees, bunkers, hills or lakes in the green. Make sure you know where they are… and avoid them!